Since 1955, Grupo Violeta has been developing projects to improve the life quality of the most neediest households and to support the Panamanian youth. In the province of Chiriquí, we collaborate with two large homes.

  • Hogar de la Medalla Milagrosa
  • Hogar Santa Catalina

Grupo Violeta`s objective is to promote education, an entrepreneurial spirit among young people and children so they can be the professionals that Panama needs, as well as promote the well-being of elderly, facilitating a better life quality.

In development is the "Violeta Lara" scholarship for young university students with great potential and the desire to continue educating themselves. The goal is that young people, in a situation of low resources, have access to an education and thus a better future.

Our goal is to always be a step forward, successfully implementing major initiatives for Grupo Violeta and the community.


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Tel: 775-1045 - Building 8, 1st Street between street B and C North, David, Chiriqui